Courses in Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

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I hold my courses through LIVKOM because I would like to support a community that undertakes NVC training in Denmark by:

Making it easier for interested people to find course offers
The exchange of experience, idea sharing and learning that empowers us all, and
ensures quality in our training offerings
And because I want to support LIVKOM’s mission:

LIVKOM’S mission is to contribute to this vision by promoting life-enriching systems within ourselves, among people and in organizations. We do this by supporting each other in living from Nonviolent values and by spreading the knowledge of Nonviolent Communication (IVK) – Giraffe language.

I have several yearly recurring courses some of which I hold in collaboration with the LIVKOM Association, the following is a selection of these.

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Harvest the fruit of your own and other’s anger

Harvest the fruit of your own and other’s anger   5 evenings of 2 ½ hours (including breaks) on zoom. Time and dates: 2. 16. 23. 30. June and 7. July 19:00 – 21:30 (CEST) Price 160 Euro. Sliding scale 120-200 Euro or 895-1.490 DKK   The Surprising Purpose of…

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Et par deltager på IVK grundkursus med varm drinks

Foundation Course in Nonviolent Communication

Giraffe language and conflict management in practice The aim of the course is to contribute to the participants’ knowledge of how they can change locked conflicts by changing the language. Both theory and training are provided in communicating in ways that relax conflict and enrich life for one’s self and…

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Deltager på Træn trænere

NVC-Training for Trainers

Courses in three modules for you who teach Nonviolent Communication (NVC), use NVC in your work or who would like to train others in NVC. The course offers NVC training in an experimental and learning community. Our goal with this course This course is specially designed for people who teach…

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Immersion course in Nonviolent Communication

The course works with a deeper understanding of IVK and how you can use IVK to deal with conflicts, both in working life and in private life. This course is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the many areas where IVK is used to create change, release potential…

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Healing of the inner child and life as an adult

The purpose of the course is to cure old pain, change limiting beliefs and expand our access to our own strength and joy so that we can live the life we ​​want to live. Expand your freedom, strength and joy. Find and fulfill unmet needs of your inner child. This…

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NVC course for teachers and educators

Get ready to accommodate students’ different needs and the challenges that come with inclusion. The purpose of this course is to provide you with more tools to deal with the conflicts you encounter in working with children and adolescents in a way that fosters empathy for all parties, opens up…

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