Nonviolent Communication

We need to be able to talk together in order to work together


Get support specifically for you on how to use NVC to get the best results.

Giraffe Language

Giraffe language is a communication process that aims to create and maintain an empathic connection.


Nonviolent Communication is used as a process that fosters collaboration, creativity and effective meetings.

Kirsten Kristensen

CNVC Certified trainer, Coach and Mediator

I offer courses, lectures and one-year training courses focusing on personal development and communication. I offer courses regularly in Denmark, Germany and Norway, and also in other countries.

I specialize in topics such as Healing, Conflict Resolution, Body-wisdom, Transformation of Anger, Grieving in a Life-Enriching Way, Inner Dialogue, Peace Culture, Empathy and Communication.


Nonviolent Communication is used in many workplaces as a tool for conflict resolution and as a process that fosters respect, collaboration, creativity and effective meetings.


I participate in international collaboration between CNVC certified trainers and offer NVC training and workshops in many places across the globe.


Nonviolent Communication is used in many kindergartens and schools, and contributes to the development of social skills in both children and adults.

Personal development

I offer a powerful process in personal development based on Nonviolent Communication. In my work on personal development, I incorporate character therapy, dream understanding and body therapy.


Nonviolent Communication helps create a special kind of connection where it becomes possible to meet the needs of both parties, so that it happens voluntarily joyfully and sustainable solutions to disparities can be found.


Nonviolent Communication helps you create the connection you dream of having with your loved ones. Nonviolent Communication is an empathic form of communication that promotes connection and understanding.


Train the trainer

For people who feel that Nonviolent Communication provides them with some amazing tools in their own lives and which they want to pass on to others.

We train to teach NVC and understand in depth the key differentiations that lie behind NVC which is to work with the transformation processes that NVC contains so that you can guide others in it.

If you already work with NVC and bump into things where you don’t really think it works the way you want it to, then here is an opportunity to get support in a group to explore what you can change so you succeed on a high level with NVC which creates the life-enriching connection.

Nonviolent Communication – Giraffe Language

Current courses

Harvest the fruit of your own and other’s anger. Part 2

Harvest the fruit of your own and other’s anger. Part 2   5 evenings of 2 ½ hours (including breaks) online on Zoom. Tuesdays (10.11, 17.11, 24.11, 1.12 and 8.12.2020) at 19:00-21:30. Price: 160 Euro. Sliding scale 120-200 Euro or 895-1.490 DKK.   Receiving the anger of other people as a gift is possible. This…

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NVC in the Family

NVC in the Family From painful disconnection to sweet connection. 5 evenings of 2 ½ hours (including breaks) online on Zoom. Tuesdays (1.09, 8.09, 15.09, 22.09 and 29.09.2020) at 19:00-21:30.   “Words are windows or they’re walls” Marshall Rosenberg   Are you struggling with conflicts at your home and don’t know how to deal with them? Would you like to…

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