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Kirsten Kristensen, CNVC Certified trainer, coach and mediator



MY DREAM: My greatest dream is contributing to the growth of teams and "warm supportive communities" because I believe that TOGETHER we can bring peaceful ways into all doing in this world.
I believe that Change is Possible and my aim is to educate for peace.
I am CNVC certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and have worked with NVC since 1998. In addition, I have 20 years of teaching experience in personal development.

LIVKOM: I am Co-Founder of Foreningen Livsberigende Kommunikation, LIVKOM (the Association of Life Enriching Communication). A nonprofit organization that work with Nonviolent Communication and support nonviolent conflict resolution and peaceful coexistence in everyday life.
A CULTURE OF PEACE IN SCHOOLS: I work dedicated towards a culture of peace in schools and give courses and lectures in NVC for teachers.

PEACE WORK ABROAD: I have visited Nepal several times in the 1980’s and fell in love with both the people and the magnificent nature during trekking around Annapurna. My last visit to Nepal was December 2014 where I served as a trainer in the Healing and Reconciliation training that was organized by ProPublic. My work with NVC and conflict counseling abroad has also brought me to USA, India, Sri Lanka, UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, Spain, Moldova and Poland. 



I am CNVC certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and have worked with NVC since 1998. In addition, I have 20 years of teaching experience in personal development.
I have studied with Marshall B. Rosenberg, author of Nonviolent Communication and founder of Center for Nonviolent Communication CNVC, an international non-profit organization with headquarter in USA and with more than 300 CNVC certified trainers worldwide. For more information got to
I collaborate with Center for Nonviolent Communication, CNVC. And as the only trainer in Denmark, I have had more than 100 days of training with Marshall B. Rosenberg.

On the basis on Nonviolent Communication I have been offering training, mentoring, guidance, conflict counseling, personal counseling and therapy, supervision, lectures and courses in more than 15 years.
I have both a theoretical and a practical approach to my courses in Nonviolent Communication. In my teaching, I present specific tools, based on personal experiences and adjust the teaching to the participants' needs, experiences and backgrounds.

I offer lectures on my work with NVC and its variety of applications, from the living room to the board meeting and from the classroom to the war zone.



Contact with children: I guide adults in a child's close relations in seeing more of the child and the child's needs. I train adults to change perspective and to see what the child needs help with, and see less of the child's challenging behavior.

Family relations: I guide and provide support to families with conflicts. I help them transform drama into equality and cooperation, and to create a close relationship between parents and children.


Personal Development: I teach and coach groups and individuals to find their inner resources and unleash their own potential.

Schools: I work dedicated towards a culture of peace in schools and offer teaching materials, films, courses and guidance to teachers on how to handle conflicts in the class room and how NVC can transform bullying into peaceful coexistence.
Peace work abroad: I work as a NVC-trainer both in Denmark and internationally and give courses in USA, Germany, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, UK, Norway, Sweden, Holland, Hungary, Austria, Liechtenstein, Spain, Moldova and Poland.


2000 - now

Trainer and organizer of NVC courses through Kommunikation for Livet and LIVKOM

  • Foundation Course, since 2000
  • Immersion Course, since 2003
  • NVC Summer Festival and Family Camps, since 2003
  • IIT – International Intensive Trainings, since 2004
  • 1-year and 2-year trainings in Denmark and Germany, since 2005
  • NVC course for teachers and pedagogues, since 2005
  • NVC-Healing of Inner Child, since 2010
  • Train The Trainer in Denmark, Germany, and Poland, since 2010
  • Liberation - Spirituality in practice with NVC, since 2011


2005 - now

Owner: Kommunikation for Livet (Communication for Life)


2006 - now

Owner: Rosenlund Forlag, a publishing company that specializes in books on NVC and personal development.


NVC trainer and consultant on the film project A Culture of Peace in Schools in collaboration with LIVKOM and Filmkompagniet. The purpose of the film is to provide teachers with tools to face and understand conflicts.


NVC trainer in the project Healing and Reconciliation with Nonviolent Communication in Nepal that was organized by ProPublic.



Chairman of LIVKOM, Foreningen Livsberigende Kommunikation  (the Association of Life Enriching Communication)



NVC-Trainer: 10 days of NVC-training to the young people in Sri Lanka so they would be able to act as mediators and help other young victims of the war.



NVC-Trainer: Training of young people from “the Human Harmonizer Program” in India, a program that provides higher education to poor, bright students from marginalized communities in India. The students are taken care of so that they can grow and stand out physically, mentally, spiritually and professionally. Thanks to their education, they will have a strong impact in their own community, attract others through their approach, behavior, skills, professionalism, and be of inspiration to others.



Co-founder of LIVKOM, Foreningen Livsberigende Kommunikation  (the Association of Life Enriching Communication)



Social worker at Udby Behandlingshjem, a residential home for young people with early trauma and difficulties associating with other people.



Social worker at Møllebakkens Dagskole, a full-time school for young people with learning difficulties.



Teacher at Egtved Kursuscenter, Denmark



Conversation Treatment in medical practice, Kristian Romme, Ejby og Anders Munk, Brenderup



Self-employed with courses and private clients.
Lecturer in personal development, psychology and yoga at day- and evening classes.



Economy Assistant and production planner at A/S Kaj Neckelmann, Silkeborg, Denmark. Participated in the internal staff development and training of the staff.



Clerk at the tourist office in Silkeborg



Jobs as unskilled worker in steel factory, fork-lift driver and as a truck driver



Accountant  for De Forenede Revisionsfirma, Copenhagen



Trainee and assistant in a bank, Den Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Taastrup and Hedehusene





Seminar Leader from Familylab International GmbH, Baar, Switzerland



CNVC Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication

  • My first NVC training was in 1998.
  • From then until 2000 I attended 2 weekend workshop and 2 one-day trainings with Marshall Rosenberg, 1 weekend with Gitte Carlsen and 1 weekend with Nada Ignjatovic-Savic.
  • In 2001 I attended an IIT in Denmark, and Masterclass in Orchidea Lodge.
  • In 2002 I had 6 days with Marshall on “Sharing NVC”, “Conflict resolution” and “Children”, 3 days with Gina Lawrie and Gitte Carlsen on “Conflict resolution”, 3 days “Open Space” with Dunia, Towe, Marianne Göthlin and Berit Mikkelsen, 4 days NVC-advanced-training with Robert, Wes, Susan and Towe. And an IIT in Budapest.
  • In 2003 I attended 3 days “NVC in School” in Stockholm with Marianne Göthlin and Niclas Ronnstrom, and 3 days “Open Space” with Jorge Rubio and Marianne Göthlin..
  • After my CNVC certification in 2003 I have attended several trainings, workshops and retreats in Denmark and abroad, both as participant, organizer and trainer. I have had more than 100 days of training with Marshall B. Rosenberg.



Family Counselor from The Kempler Institute of Scandinavia, Denmark



Psychology II, The University of Odense, Denmark



Communication, corporation and development, The University of Odense, Denmark



Body Therapist and massage teacher, Nordlys Centret aps, Silkeborg, Denmark



Psychology, HF Albertslund Forberedelseskursus, Denmark



HD in accountancy, part one, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark



Bank clerk, Forstædernes Handelsskole, Købmandsskolen, Albertslund, Denmark





NVC in 5th A – an introduction to Nonviolent Communication
An educational film on NVC for teachers and school children. In the film I train a teacher and her 5th class pupils in using NVC to handle conflicts and bullying in the class room. Produced at Rosenlund Forlag and co-funded by Foreningen Aldrig Mere Krig (the Association “No more war”)



A Culture of Peace in School
I’m the Initiator, professional consultant and co-creator of the film “A Culture og Peace in School”, an educational film and booklet. The film and booklet gives teachers instructions on how they, together with their classes can use NVC as conflict resolution in the classroom. In the material they will find cases, exercises and role plays on conflict resolution with NVC. The film is co-funded by the Danish Ministry of Education. The film and teaching materials is expected to be ready in April 2015.


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