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Below you will find 5 small films “Behind every action there is a need” about conflict management in school. The films are made in collaboration with the Film Company and with the support of the Ministry of Education’s distribution funds. For the films, free educational material has been prepared which you can download here.

Film 1 of 5. Culture of Peace in School with NVC – Behind every action there is a need. Introduction to NVC in schools. We hear a preschool teacher tell about her experience with NVC and how it has changed the social environment in the classroom. We are also introduced to a conflict between two preschool children.

Film 2 of 5. Culture of Peace in School with NVC – From conflict to connection: the four elements of the NVC process. Shows how the teacher resolves the conflict from film 1 using the four principles of Nonviolent Communication (observations, feelings, needs, requests). Scenes from film 1 is elaborated.

Film 3 of 5. Culture of Peace in School with NVC – Taking responsibility for my own feelings. The scenes from film 1 continue and shows in detail how the flashcards with feelings & needs help the children to describe their feelings and needs in a conflict.

Film 4 of 5. Culture of Peace in School with NVC – Empathy for others, understanding others. See the children trying to guess the feelings and needs of others as the teacher helps them to connect more fully and draw further learning from the conflict.

Film 5 of 5. Culture of Peace in School with NVC – From anger to empathy, Mona and Mohammed. Mohammed from the 6th grade and the teacher Mona tell us how their conversation about feelings and needs helped them understand anger and find self-empathy.

Other videos

What is Nonviolent Communication (NVC) – giraffe language? See a brief introduction here.

NVC in 5.A – an introduction to Nonviolent Communication

What do we do when the children quarrel and we adults no longer know what it takes to fix it? A film made by Carl Plesner, in collaboration with Kirsten Kristensen, with the support of the Association No More War.

NVC in 5.A – part 1, chapters 1-4

Follow class 5.A who receive help from Kirsten Kristen and Nonviolent Communication to deal with bullying in class.

NVC in 5.A – part 2, chapter 5-8

Kirsten Kristensen collaborates with the teacher Dorte to strengthen the connection and understanding between the students.

NVC Abundance May 2013 – Full version

GFK in der 5 Klasse

NVC Abundance May 2013 – Short version

Thoughts on my own personal development

On gratitude practice, mourning, shame and acceptance

How can you put power in money?

Money as a request

NVC Sri Lanka

Hear about my work with Nonviolent Communication in Sri Lanka.

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